About Us

We are Ian and Samantha, a Husband and Wife team and also Mummy and Daddy to 3 wonderful children.

We are the owners of Art Me Photography, and are based in Lostock Gralam in Northwich, Cheshire.

Ian is a passionate photographer who has loved everything about photography since he was old enough to hold a camera. It doesn't matter who or what he's working with. From capturing a couples first kiss as husband and wife, to the pride of a child as they cuddle their brand new sibling. From a mum telling two brothers to put their arm around each other and the excited giggles of a toddler as they smash a cake for their birthday. We love seeing so many different stories unfold throughout a gallery. 

We've covered weddings that led to beautiful bumps or adopted children, those children returning to smash cake around the same room they visited as a newborn or to bring along their new sibling or family pet. Starting primary school and now finishing primary school and for some families we've become part of the Christmas tradition. 

Ian loves creating something unusual, a photo of a child playing in leaves suddenly becomes something magical and so full of wonder. It's no longer a forest but a land of dinosaurs, no longer just a field but an enchanting land of fairies and Unicorns.

Samantha runs the business side of things, She has a long background in Customer service, Team leading and Co-ordinating Activities. She has a very creative eye and is often at the end of the phone or email managing the business.

We opened Art Me Photography 6 years ago in a section of what was our dining room. With a lot of hard work, determination and an ever growing reputation for our relaxed, fun and friendly attitude to photography, as well as of course, our beautiful portfolio which speaks for itself, we were soon able to renovate and expand.

Our dream is to make professional photographs possible for everyone, from all walks of life. To offer affordable options and to capture the beauty in all moments big and small.

Every customer is incredibly important to us and every person who steps in front of our camera becomes part of our own story. 

Why not get in touch to let us help you create some magical memories.

Ian & Samantha