The very hungry caterplillar baby Art Me Photography

Playing Dress up with the baby.

One thing that's absolutely fab about having a baby is all the amazing little props you can get for them these days.

We have a slight obsession in our house with everything Hungry Caterpillar and this has now leaked through to the studio prop drawer.

When it came to our baby boy's Baptism invitations it just seemed obvious he needed to be THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR and Ian needed to take photos, I do find it funny to add these spontanious little photoshoots in whenever and wherever I please and this particular one was already set up and ready to go when Ian walked in from a corporate shoot he'd been working on. As you can imagine he was delighted not only by the sight of his baby boy dressed as a beloved character but by the "take these photo's and then you can have dinner" ransom.

Now that the invitations have been made and given out I felt it was only fair to share some of them with you all.

It was so fun playing with him with all the fruits, as he is just becoming more active and was trying to chase an orange or smush a strawberry. Babies rarely stay still for their photoshoots but this is a good thing, as we are then able to capture real memories instead of stiff posed photographs.

We do have these props amongst others just in the drawer at the studio so always just ask if you fancy playing dress up with your little one and we're building on our collection all the time so any fun suggestions are certainly welcome.

A photoshoot similar to this one would be just £50 and would include one hours photography, full use of any props and four images on disk with a full print licence so you can do as you please with your photos.

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